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Bull was Frattini's last project for Cassina. The collection included sofas and armchairs that adopted an updated concept of ergonomics. When presenting Bull, Frattini said: "Even though very slowly, our way of sitting, both in the intimacy of our homes and in the company of friends, has changed... the back, which seeks support in the point where the seat joins the backrest, must have a rounded, inviting angle of its own."

His description gave almost visual form to the profile of Bull, which is a sequence of increasingly softly rounded lines from the outside inwards.
Frattini chose the name to highlight the rounded, segmented appearance of the armchair, citing the famous "Bull" of Walt Disney's cartoons.

Ph: Massimo Belotti.
Bull sofa designed by Gianfranco Frattini covered with Smartis Fabric, a wool bouclé embossed jacquard fabric Private Garden collection by Torri Lana.

 Bull front postcard, 1987, Cassina

Pencil sketch, 80s

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