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Abolaffio clothing store


Inside an old building in the historic center of Genova, Gianfranco Frattini with the architect Franco Bettonica designed the Abolaffio clothing store in 1961. With a narrow and long plan, but with a considerable height, the interior space is based on the optical perception of the entire volume in which the barrel section of the different levels and the use of a mirrored surface, in the intermediate floor, creates an interesting illusionistic game.

The wooden vaults and furniture are in jacaranda rosewood, executed by the Milanese Xylography. The armchairs are produced by “Figli di Amedeo Cassina”. Part of the walls and cabinet doors are covered in green linen velvet. The shop floor is completely covered with carpet. The lighting obtained with a series of ceiling lights applied at the vault, produced by the company Arteluce.

Ph: Aldo Ballo

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